Château Macay

Château Macay

It’s a pleasure for us to present you Château Macay (pronounced Macaille). We tasted some of its wine thanks to a member of our group who works at the Château.

Little History

Hervé Descouvieres, became the new owner of Château Macay in February 2012.  We decided to tell you his first year as a owner of this vineyard. Mr Descouvieres and his family decided to live their passion for wines. That’s why they have been attracted by the Château Macay which has been existed since the nineteenth century, and has a history and high quality wines which perfectly reflect the character of the Cotes de Bourg. The new owner care to the quality of his wines.

“We want to make a pleasure product”

H.Descouvières owner of Château Macay



 # What ?

Château Macay is located in the heart of the appellation Côtes de Bourg, so it benefits from goods climatic conditions. It’s measured 42 hectares from which 28 hectares are in production.

A wine made thanks to an important selection of plots that perfectly captures the character of the Côtes de Bourg.
Supported by tannins present but silky, this wine offers a wide aromatic palette imbued with aromas of candied fruit.


Château Macay work with several kind of distributor or customers, old customers who coming directly at the property, lots of restaurant or bar in bordeaux and burgundy regions, retailers companies like Auchan, and also directly with some wine trade companies in Belgium, USA, China, United Kingdom and New Zealand (specialy Auckland).


The grapes of Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec destined to become Château Macay are harvested by hand, the property changed its winemaking process into reasoned agriculture, setting tank by gravity, the Château Macay is aged in oak barrels for 12 months