Welcome on the Bottle : Jean-Charles Chapuzet

It's my pleasur to present you one of my favorite french writer.

Welcome Jean-Charles Chapuzet aka Biiiip "a pen name exist to remain secret"
Who are you ?
Jean-Charles Chapuzet, journalist about wine, free, endangered species

What is your background "story", experience in the wine?
I discover the wine during my adolescence, just for the drunkenness. After, I found that well. During my studies, I sold barrels for earn money. My grand-father was a "spiritmaker" about cognac. So, when I worked in Figaro, literary critic, I began to write on the wine. No studies, no licence about wine. I'm as my readers, an amateur. 

What is your website / blog?


What is your best memory in the wine?
I'm not going to say like Gérard Lanvin "with my best friend, in the corner of the fire, around a big cassoulet". I remember a mythic "petanque" in Australia with Michel Chapoutier, three hours to the libano-Syrian customs with Stéphane Derenoncourt. And a diner at Mendoza with a winemaker who explain he was Argentine since generations; but he was typified German, not at all South American, may be his father was a nazi refugee. Why not?

Thank you Jean-Charles :)