Launch of « Bordeaux experiences»

The program of promotion undertaken by the CIVB (Interprofessional Council of Bordeaux
wines) begins with the OLYMPIA.

The new way of communicating.

Monday, December 10, 2012, the wines of Bordeaux were at the Olympia Boulevard des
Capucines in Paris. A gala evening to launch "Bordeaux Experience."

Invited the CIVB between 400 and 500 journalists and influencers in the world of wine
(buyers of retail, restaurants, etc...).

This is the gallery of "Olympia" became the scene encounters between lovers and producers
of Bordeaux presented, tasted and shared with the guests knowing seduce the public with
specific words and warm.

Dry white, rosé, red, white, mild...

Trainers / winemakers of Bordeaux Wine School, called for the occasion "Bordeaux Coach",
played a special role to listen to guests as they have helped define their "tribe" in the colors
of Bordeaux and in a few minutes to acquire tips to refine and affirm the Bordeaux they need.

There is necessarily a Bordeaux wine to each according to his tastes and the time that you
want to share, I just had to find it from:

• The dry white: floral freshness and surprises
• The rosés: gluttony chic and fruity
• Reds: sensuality and mystery of a subtle balance
• The soft white: extravagance and elegance

Just like the gala unusual and unique, you also could discover surprising cocktails wine!
For fun, here are the recipes :

Pina Bordeaux

- 5cl Dry White Bordeaux;
- Work together with a pestle: 10 pineapple chunks, fresh strawberries 3, 2cl lime juice, 2
teaspoons brown sugar;
- Add the wine and shaker!

Etche Bordeaux

- In a shaker, pour 3cl "Sweet Bordeaux", 1 pinch of Espelette pepper, 3cl mango puree (or 8
cubes of fresh mango);
- Extend Crémant de Bordeaux;
- Shaker all ingredients
- Accompanied by a cherry tomato!

Bordeaux Sureau

- 6cl Bordeaux Claret or Bordeaux Rosé;
- 2cl elderflower syrup;
- 2cl lime juice;
- The whole shaker and serve with lime zest!

Bordeaux Pepper

- 5cl Red Bordeaux;
- 2 teaspoons of redcurrant jelly;
- 10 black peppercorns, crushed;
- ¼ red pepper;
- Break pestle in the shaker peppercorns;
- Add diced red pepper with currant jelly and extend the Red Bordeaux;
- Shaker!

This first evening supported by the excellent Radio Nova was the start of many other
appointments around Bordeaux in 2013 in several cities in France.

And waiting for 2 years, Bordeaux wines are on show at the Olympia bar with a wine
Bordeaux 100%.

Bordeaux wines have conquered the "olympia"


Make your Christmas sparkling with Vouvray and Montlouis

Christmas is coming  soon. So why not choose wines from the Loire Valley for changed instead of Champagne and Sauternes  to served with your delicious Christmas's meal ?

Montlouis’s and Vouray’s wines will match very well with your Foie Gras and desserts.  

Among our team, two of us are from the Loire Valley so we are proud to talk you about our wines. Elaborated from Chenin, a white grape variety, Montlouis and Vouray produced still wines, from dry to sweet and sparkling wines from “brut” to “demi-sec”.  

picture from this site

The aromatic range is very wide following the maturity of the wine with :

      white fruits aromas : apple, pear and quince

      citrus aromas : orange, lemon, lime and grapefruit

      exotic fruits : pineapple, peach, mango and apricot

      Flowers aromas : acacia, honeysuckle and camomile. 

The wines from Montlouis and Vouray are well-balanced with a beautiful acidity more or less present following the maturity and always a nice freshness. 

picture from this site

Now let’s talk about the price! It’s very attractive because you can find a very good bottle from 10€ for still wines but also for a sparkling one. Your wallet will appreciate!

Now, if you’re decided to buy a Vouvray or a Montlouis for Christmas, here a short list of our favorite producers: (Remember you can also go visited the vineyards which are near to Châteaux of the Loire Valley )



Edonys : the first wine channel

The 15th December, at 6.00pm a new channel is born in Luxembourg. On the 520 channel Edonys is specialized in the world wine.
The purpose of this special channel is setting programs such as news reports, debates, tastings, experts’ advices and meetings. The first release will be in the half of 2013 in Switzerland, Belgium and France.

Edonys channel is targeting both, novices, amateurs and professionals around their passion for wine culture. People take time to explore various wines, areas in worldwide and people who’s made the history of this product and therefore facing the economic challenges of the global industry.

It is an audio-visual revolution!
Good luck Edonys Life in the bottle loves your project!

Edonys website : http://beta.edonys.tv/