Welcome on the Bottle : Julien Maingraud

NEW : Lifeinwine Bottle Team is happy to presente you a wine lover. Welcome in the wine actors discovery world.


Julien Maingraud aka @extraterrien

- Who are you ?

I am a boy embarked on the epicurean ship.
Fond of gin and other divine nectars,
I am looking for eternity moments.


- What is your background "story", experience in the wine?

Take a few studies in Wine & Spirits business,
Add a certain amount of advertising accounts from the same business, managed with communication agencies.
Mix them with a passion for meeting and sharing with wine lovers.
Get the feeling that you open a part of history when opening each bottle.

- What is your website / blog?

Once upon a time, a blog which shares stories about wine, spirits & gastronomy.

- What is your best memory in the wine? 

I do not especially have any best memory, emotions are uncontrollable!
The charm of these moments comes from the alchemy between many aspects, there must be a Twist, and wine is a catalyst!
Magic mostly happens when you expect it the least, when you are with friends, enjoying different dishes, or sometimes, only with a good song.
But I also love discovering new flavors, to be surprised and charmed by wines elaborated out of the box.
I am looking forward to tasting the next bottle.

Thank you Julien :)