Welcome on the Bottle : François Desperriers

Welcome François Desperriers aka  

Who are you ?
I'm François Desperriers et behind me on the picture, this is Aurélien Ibanez co-founder of the website Bourgogne Live. We are wine lovers and we have one foot in Burgundy and one foot on the web.

What is your background "story", experience in the wine?
I have no experience at all. I'm a baby in wine. I love people who make, drink and talk about wine. I will learn everyday like Aurélia Fillion said : one bottle after one bottle.

What is your website / blog?
Bourgogne Live

What is your best memory in the wine?
One day we were meeting  at Meursault Véronique and Nicolas Bernard-Bonnin in their cellar for an interview. I had a terrible headache...
I tasted a little glass of their Meursault Genevrières 2009 right out the barrel and the miracle... no more headache at all ! This is the truth !

Thank you François :)