Welcome on the Bottle : Shirley Jagle

Shirley Jagle aka @shirleyjagle

- Who are you ?

Entrepreneur for a living, I’m a taste explorer the rest of the time. Traveling from one wine to another, making the most of each discovery, keep on learning about hidden wonders.

- What is your background "story", experience in the wine?
Everything began with a teacher getting my attention on a Saint Chinian project. Then I fall deeply in love with the wine world, applied for a job at Jean-Merlaut and Aries-Vins.com, and crossed Vitisphere road.  I am now continuing on this path for the best.

- What is your website / blog?
I used to have a blog but unfortunately don’t have the time to write anymore.
But you can always read me on Twitter or Facebook ;)

- What is your best memory in the wine?
I just lived a great wine memory, hard to forget. I was celebrating with friends and family, while they made me discover Château Rayas for the very first time. Of course I heard about the legend of Emmanuel Reynaud, already tasted Château des Tours but here it’s a step further. With a 2000 vintage, it gave me shiver from nose to palate. Not ready to forget that. 

Thank you Shirley :)