Vinocamp Cognac 2013 - Before

Hang on, the first Vinocamp of 2013 is coming !
A Vinocamp is a joyous meeting of wine world stakeholders in all their diversity, whom meet regularly to discuss web and social networks issues, comparing their views, providing solutions to those who are web beginners.
--> Meetings are organized around workshops, set in the early morning and driven by the participants themselves. 

"Vinocamp: When wine stars come together, it makes sparks!" Emilie

It's definitely a moment of intense branstorming on the issues occuring in the wine industry, web, new technologies and future changes. This is the opportunity to step into the small world of a thousand players.

Next week-end, from Friday 11th to Sunday 13th a Vinocamp will be held at Cognac,
the French region worldwide known for its spirits.

Of course a member of our blog will attend it and will write back at you a full report of what was said and what was saw !

More info on the official website > VinoCamp