Millésime Bio organic wines fair

 The 28th, 29th and 30th on January in Montpellier will be held “Millesime bio”, an exhibition of 700 producers of organic wines expected to 3500 visitors for these 3 days.
Several words on this new trend: 

With 61 055 hectares in organic agriculture in France in 2011 against 50 268 hectares in 2010 meaning a rising of 21% in a year the organic vines represents now 7, 4% of the total French vineyard.
This sector is the most dynamic in France and involved more and more producers.

In 2011, 1/3 French consumes organic wine frequently or sometimes according to a market study directed by Ipsos/SudVinBio.
The trade increased by 11% in 2011 towards 2010 with a benefit of 359 million Euros in France and developed also to export (Germany, United States, Japan, etc) representing 34% of the international turnover.
Today, France is the third organic wine producer behind Spain and Italy.

Actuality :
A little revolution in the wine world. Since  the 1st August 2012, the organic wine has an European label which takes into account the method of wine making. The French organic wines could be called now “vin bio” instead of “vin issu de raisins de l’agriculture biologique”, it means that until this reform, only the grapes was considered as organic. Now, the grapes should be organic but also the way of wine making must be certified by the European committee. It is a new  constraint for producers but a very good point for customers whose want to buy organic wines.

Now let’s note the 3 favorite organic wines

Alsace – Domaine Pierre Frick Pinot Gris Sélection de Grains Nobles – 2007
The mouth expresses notes of quince jam, apricot and honey. A very long and fresh final mouth
Pierre Frick winery was converted in organic agriculture in 1970. Its whole production is selling within the property.
Price : 14-18 €

Lubéron – Château La Canorgue Coin Perdu – Rouge 2009
This vintage offers a very specific wine, heavy and fine with notes of mature black fruits and pralines.
Château de la Canorgue is a family property located in the heart of Lubéron and is organic from more than 30 years ago.
Price : 15-20 €

Bourgogne- Domaine La Soufrandière Pouilly-Vinzelles – Blanc 2009

Agrums and citrus aroms. A long and whole wine in mouth. This vintage is a blend of “young vines” (23 to 48 years old) of vineyard.
La soufrandière is an organic producer since 2000.
Price : 14-18 €