Vinitech Bordeaux 2012

Wine Innovation

Few days ago in Bordeaux, a special fair was taking place. It's named #Vinitech. The main goal of this exhibition at the beginning was to present tractors, tanks and all technical products to make wine. 

Now the exhibition is quiet different. Wine production is always present but, new activities take place like : "la sphere des metiers, l'espace digital, l'espace innovin". Thoses 3 new universes represent school formations in the wine, a digital area to understand how to use facebook, twitter, and Innovin is a cluster for technical innovation.

So What's news in Innovation?

We enter in precision vines growing and wine making process. The Innovation trophy was a good example of the evolution.

The golden trophy concern the treatment of wastewaters and agricultural recycling of organic waste by composting. Nothing is lost, neither the recycling water, nor other part of grapes left after the winemaking process. The real new stuff is the automation of tasks.