Make your Christmas sparkling with Vouvray and Montlouis

Christmas is coming  soon. So why not choose wines from the Loire Valley for changed instead of Champagne and Sauternes  to served with your delicious Christmas's meal ?

Montlouis’s and Vouray’s wines will match very well with your Foie Gras and desserts.  

Among our team, two of us are from the Loire Valley so we are proud to talk you about our wines. Elaborated from Chenin, a white grape variety, Montlouis and Vouray produced still wines, from dry to sweet and sparkling wines from “brut” to “demi-sec”.  

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The aromatic range is very wide following the maturity of the wine with :

      white fruits aromas : apple, pear and quince

      citrus aromas : orange, lemon, lime and grapefruit

      exotic fruits : pineapple, peach, mango and apricot

      Flowers aromas : acacia, honeysuckle and camomile. 

The wines from Montlouis and Vouray are well-balanced with a beautiful acidity more or less present following the maturity and always a nice freshness. 

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Now let’s talk about the price! It’s very attractive because you can find a very good bottle from 10€ for still wines but also for a sparkling one. Your wallet will appreciate!

Now, if you’re decided to buy a Vouvray or a Montlouis for Christmas, here a short list of our favorite producers: (Remember you can also go visited the vineyards which are near to Châteaux of the Loire Valley )