Vine cycles : Winter

# Winter in France: we cut the vines!

From December to March, in the vineyards of France is the operation of pruningOnce harvest is
completed, leaves disappear. The wood become brown and sap go down. The advantage of wood cutting is to limit the grapes and concentrate them.

# Different way of

Depending on wine regions, grape varieties and vineyards.

During the exam reviews I took advantage of good weather to go to the Villa Quat'z Art, an area that produces wines in the Languedoc AOC
and AOC Saint Chinian. 


#Carignans are cut into the cup "Gobelet",  


#Mourvèdre, Syrah, ad some Grenache in "Cordon Royat" 

In the picture we see  two rods following the wire, and on top we leave beginning of branch from where will start two new branch.


# Grenache in "Guillot Simple".

One the picture only one piece of wood stay. We keep it and fold it.

To finish, the materiel we used for pruning : 

It's not a bird, but it looks like no?

Thanks for reading